3 Things Buyers Don’t Want, Yet Agents Keep Doing

03 Things Buyers Don’t Want, Yet Agents Keep Doing

selling tips Jul 22, 2020


Imagine ...

A letter from a very concerned (hypothetical) buyer:


My dearest agent,

In the short time we have been together, you have done your hardest to help me, yet, it wasn’t that you didn’t do enough, you did too much.

Regretfully, I have but three grievances that I feel I must share with you if we are to proceed with this relationship:

  1. Please, don’t walk me through 35 homes. It’s confusing, I have blisters on my tootsies, and I just can’t keep straight which homes are which (and honestly, I still don’t know the difference between a porte-cochère and a driveway). 
  1. Please, don’t show me property over my budget. It makes me sad and I binge-eat my feelings. My wallet - and now my pants - just can’t handle that. 
  1. Please, don’t leave it up to me to determine value. I am not an expert here. STRESS! 

Listen, you’re great... And, I’d like to continue working with you - but only IF these issues are addressed and resolved.

Your client,

Jane Doe


Okay, okay, this may be a tad dramatic, but think of it this way:


Doing too much can backfire.

Imagine walking into Nordstrom and telling a stylist, “Hi, I’m looking for a nice cocktail dress, under $200, only have 30 min before I have to bounce,” and the ever-zealous sales associate brings you 32 dresses, all of which exceed your budget, (and yes, they are all GORG) and you sit there feeling overwhelmed, sad, and broke, alongside the realization that you were supposed to be on your way 7 minutes ago (yet, you can’t convince yourself to leave while surrounded by sparkles and sequence and silks of every color - totally enamored by the glitz and glamor).

That is exactly how buyers feel when we overwhelm them with properties - especially ones out of their price range.

Only show them properties that they can afford and fit their criteria. This will make the experience far better for everyone involved. 

And, by the way, it isn’t fair to put them in that kind of a position. I know, I know, you’re just trying to give them the BEST and ensure they know ALL of their options… But, believe me, LESS is MORE. It is never fun to be overwhelmed


Listen to Jane. She knows what’s up.


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