How I’m on Track to Sell 50 Homes This Year (Despite a Pandemic)


Has the pandemic taken a toll on your business (and your optimism)?

Have the past few months been a real doozy to your real estate biz?

If you’re like many other agents out there, you’ve been riding out these past few months like a SoCal surfer looking to catch a wave on Lake Tahoe in the middle of winter.

Maybe you’ve had an interested buyer here and there, but they back out last minute or say they’re “waiting” until the market has stabilized. Meanwhile, your bank account is slowly getting depleted from zero closings and sad buying Chinese take out.


Take heart, here's a few things we know to be true:

  1. Unlike the economic crisis of 2008, the current recession was not caused by the housing industry

  2. Home prices have not decreased since March and are not projected to

  3. Homes are still selling and deals are happening


So what can you do differently?

I have a few suggestions:

  1. Every website visitor, call-in, like,...
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The 5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Real Estate

new clients selling tips Jul 08, 2020


1.  Waiting for your customers to call you

This happens like, never. Ever.

If it does, go you!

But the reality of this happening is about as common as your jam coming on and everyone at the party doing a  coordinated dance routine to it. It is up to you to pick up your phone and make a call! If you don’t, someone else will.

And if you’re nervous about what to say, I’ve got a few great scripts for that here. No excuses now, get calling!


2. Not having a system

Not having a system… is a system.

Believe it or not, you have things that you do every single day without even realizing it. You wake up, brush your teeth, run a comb through your hair, grab a cup of coffee, and start trolling the IG = A SYSTEM.

You may be doing this subconsciously, but it is still a system. 

Many of you may be starting out and have no idea what kind of system to use. I mean, there’s just so many to choose from!

You have Real Geeks, Boomtown,...

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How to Get Your Clients Under Contract in One Week

new clients Jun 24, 2020



Get in. Get out.

I am best known for my "Get in. Get out." method of business. The typical amount of time I spend on getting a client pre-approved and under contract is an average of 7-14 days. Not that I don't looovvvee spending time with them - my clients are my favorite people! However, in the current market, if you don't act fast, you've already lost before you've even submitted an offer.

Do you want to know how to get your clients under contract in 7 days? Well, keep reading!


Pre-qualify your clients.

Ask the right questions.

Learn their wants and needs and listen intently to their motivation. Stay within the parameters of their criteria.

Don't show them property over their price range or projects when they have asked for move-in ready. Show them EXACTLY what they need and don't go beyond those boundaries. 


Know what they can afford.

Obtain a copy of the pre-qualification letter from the lender and do not start showing them property until you...

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03 Questions You Should Always Be Asking Your Clients

new clients scripts Jun 17, 2020


Have the “First Phone Call” jitters? These are three excellent ice breakers I ask in every single prospecting call to cover my behind AND pre-qualify clients. 


  • Are you currently working with any other realtors? 


This question will help you establish agency and begin building rapport with your client. This is one of the most important questions and will set the expectation that this is a professional business call that you should be asking this question every time, every time, every time

 Even if they say “no” the follow up should be: 


  • Have you signed any agreements or disclosures with any other realtors? 


This will help cover your behind from getting sued. It will keep you out of commission disputes, and most importantly, establishes a sense of professionalism. Keep in mind, sometimes they either don’t know if they’ve signed agency or they aren’t being totally...

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