I did a Podcast!

show up Oct 02, 2020


Soooo something fun happened yesterday....


I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Kyle Malnati of Calibrate Real Estate in Colorado and be featured on his hit podcast and it officially aired TODAY!


Like wow, pinch me I must be dreaming! This has been a huge goal of mine since the beginning of the year and I feel absolutely honored to be selected as a guest star.


In this episode, we go deep and explore how I got started in RE, what drives me, how I structured my business as a mom, wife, realtor - in that order - and still manage to make a consistent 6-figure salary year-after-year.  


Listen in right here.



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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

about nicole show up Jun 10, 2020


  Hi! I'm Nicole.

  1. I have a fear of heights, specifically hiking on high trails, driving up steep mountain sides, chair lifts, etc. 
  2. I worked in a Salon and was a nail technician for 13 years in both SLC and St. George areas
  3. I’m a Dodgers baseball fan.
  4. I’m the middle child.
  5. I played 2nd base for an 18U girls fastpitch team when I was 13 years of age and I was the cleanup hitter.
  6. Embarrassing story… I thought Karl Malone had two jobs when he was playing for the Utah Jazz. First job basketball player and the second job…. Mailman. (Don’t judge).
  7. I’ve been self-employed since I was 17 years of age.
  8. I have a pair of Irish twins… for those who don’t know what that is, two kids born in the same calendar year… even better, they are in the same grade!
  9. I won't spend time with negative people.
  10. Coffee is my sixth food group. 


I don't really go by "Nikki B" - But there is a story here.

I’m Nicole Briggs...

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