03 Questions You Should Always Be Asking Your Clients

new clients scripts Jun 17, 2020


Have the “First Phone Call” jitters? These are three excellent ice breakers I ask in every single prospecting call to cover my behind AND pre-qualify clients. 


  • Are you currently working with any other realtors? 


This question will help you establish agency and begin building rapport with your client. This is one of the most important questions and will set the expectation that this is a professional business call that you should be asking this question every time, every time, every time

 Even if they say “no” the follow up should be: 


  • Have you signed any agreements or disclosures with any other realtors? 


This will help cover your behind from getting sued. It will keep you out of commission disputes, and most importantly, establishes a sense of professionalism. Keep in mind, sometimes they either don’t know if they’ve signed agency or they aren’t being totally...

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