How to Get Your Clients Under Contract in One Week

How to Get Your Clients Under Contract in One Week

new clients Jun 24, 2020



Get in. Get out.

I am best known for my "Get in. Get out." method of business. The typical amount of time I spend on getting a client pre-approved and under contract is an average of 7-14 days. Not that I don't looovvvee spending time with them - my clients are my favorite people! However, in the current market, if you don't act fast, you've already lost before you've even submitted an offer.

Do you want to know how to get your clients under contract in 7 days? Well, keep reading!


Pre-qualify your clients.

Ask the right questions.

Learn their wants and needs and listen intently to their motivation. Stay within the parameters of their criteria.

Don't show them property over their price range or projects when they have asked for move-in ready. Show them EXACTLY what they need and don't go beyond those boundaries. 


Know what they can afford.

Obtain a copy of the pre-qualification letter from the lender and do not start showing them property until you have it. This way, you know exactly what they can afford and you're prepared to write an offer when the time is right (7 days from then, of course!).

How are you supposed to know what they can afford if they haven’t met with a lender?


Set appointments to show homes immediately.

Don't wait until tomorrow to do it. Do it now.

This shows your clients that you prioritize their needs above anything else. It also puts you at an advantage time-wise. Postponing even one hour can be the difference between going under contract and missing out on your client's dream home.

Time is money, and you don’t want to waste either of those. 


Be in constant communication with your clients.

I like to tell my clients "I'm going to text, call, email and blow up your phone" when I find a great property and if they can't make it, I will preview it for them.

At this point, they trust me enough to let me write up a contract site unseen if I think it's a good enough property for them. Communication is key with every client. 

The offer is a natural close to a 5-star sales experience.

A combination of the right motivation, the right buyer, the right home, and the right agent is a guaranteed way to get your clients under contract in as little time as possible.


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