The Pando Effect

Don't Panic!

selling tips Sep 04, 2020


Has the Pandemic got you hitting the “Panic” button for your realty biz? 


Maybe you’re struggling with getting buyers under contract or motivating sellers to list with you? Regardless, these past few months have been a real doozy for many real estate agents, especially our green friends who have never had to work through a sticky market like this. 


Of course, this is no matter to be taken lightly, but you’re probably wondering {and worrying} how you’re going to hit your target goals you made at the beginning of the year (you know, before all the earthquakes, wildfires, killer bees, shutdowns, etc.) aannnddd, more importantly, how are you going to feed your family? How are you going to pay your bills? Afterall, you have a mortgage to pay, kids to clothe, people who depend on you, and, don’t forget, your monthly mani and root touch-up. #selfcareishealthcare


Sounds to me like it’s time for a redirect - or, the old “switch-a-roo” as my assistant so eloquently put it. With only 4 months left in the year it’s officially game time. 


But, listen here... if you didn’t hit your target goals, you don’t suck. Afterall, 2020 didn’t come with a guidebook on how to run a business during a worldwide crisis. It didn’t come with a handy-dandy checklist or a “Panic Pamphlet” - but, it did come with me (not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do consider myself a pretty decent teacher). I’ve got your back through these tough times!


If you couldn’t make it to my most recent master class (side note: for those of you just tuning in, I host a totally FREE bi-weekly online training for realtors. It’s a pretty rad time. You can sign up to receive notification for the next one right here) I held a training on how to navigate the last quarter of the year and create a thriving real estate biz - because let’s end 2020 on a positive note, kay? Below, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to overcome the lull this year has likely created in your biz and what actionable steps you can take STARTING TODAY to set yourself up for huge success.


To begin, I need you to ask yourself {honestly}, “Who can I contact today that is going to do business with me this week?” Notice how I said this week. We’re not talking about prospective customers who are thinking about coming to town in November or December. That’s for future Nikki B to worry about! Present Nikki B’s got bills to pay this week (and a Nordstrom trunk to order). 


Step 1 requires you to compile a list of all the individuals that are ready, willing and able buyers (or sellers) that are hot and ready to go. If you’re sitting there stressing that you don’t have a single hot lead in your database, then you need to find someone who is. You do this by calling your past clients, friends, family members and others who are in your database and say something like this: 

“Hey, [first name] how’s it going? 

How’s [here’s where you ask about something personal, like their kids or their road trip to the Grand Canyon]? 

Life treating you alright? 

[Talk to them. Be an conversation starter not a creepy, salesy pickle]

That’s so great to hear! Hey, while I have you on the phone I was curious, do you happen to know anyone that is thinking of buying or selling real estate?

{if yes} That’s great! Would you mind giving me their contact information so I can reach out to them?

{if no} Great! If you happen to think of anyone, don’t hesitate to send them my way!”

Seriously, that’s it. So simple, no pressure and just keep in mind that every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.” 


Step 2 involves a little bit of research (don’t sweat it, I’m not expecting a bibliography at the end). Every Monday, find a listing on the MLS that went under contract in 24 hours or less from the past week. This kind of listing is what I’d consider a “hot ticket item” due to it’s:

  1. Price
  2. Location

As you already know, homes sell more readily when they are located in a highly sought-after area AND are priced appropriately. After discovering this particular property also received multiple offers, this would be a great subdivision to do the following:


  • Drop a flyer


      1. Don’t knock! Drop it and ditch. This is what I call “massaging” the client, or easing them into getting familiarized with you and what you have to offer. For the flyer, you can do something super simple like, “A home in your neighborhood just sold in less than 24 hours (and with multiple offers too!) Find out how I can do the same for you!” Make sure to include your contact info alongside a high-quality image of yourself so they can see that you’re a real person (and that you’re friendly, nice and professional too!).


  • Knock the subdivision


      1. Wait 2-3 days before you go back to knock the subdivision. Why? This gives you something to talk about! Start by saying something like this: 
        1. “Hi, my name is [first name] and I work with [insert your brokerage] and I dropped a flyer a few days ago. Did you have a chance to look that over? Great! The reason why I’m in the neighborhood is because a home recently went under contract with multiple offers and I was just curious… if you were interested in selling?
        2.  [if yes] Great! When’s a good time I could come by to talk about listing your property?
        3.  [ if no] Great! Do you happen to know anybody who is?
        4. Finally, before I let you go… Do you happen to have a real estate professional that keeps you up to date with the market? (this gives you an opportunity to collect their contact information and grow your database)
        5. [if no] great! What’s a good email address I can send a monthly report to?
        6. [if yes] great! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me!


  • Follow-up with an email


    1. For those who gave you their email, shoot them a message a day later thanking them again for taking the time to chat with you and to contact you if they ever have any questions regarding real estate. This 1) puts you in their inbox 2) validates if it’s a real email they actually use and 3) shows that you are proactive and considerate.


Step 3 involves whipping out this daily tracking sheet so you can measure your progress. This handy sheet will help you compute your actual numbers that you are performing daily, learn where you are struggling and what areas of your biz could use a little more TLC. Use this as a guide to keep you in-line with your goals as you navigate these next few months. Afterall, what you start doing TODAY will set the tone for the rest of the quarter. Be dedicated, diligent and relentless in your prospecting and don’t let yourself off until you have at least one contract signed for the week. Of course, you can always aim for more, but if you’re just getting started or had a year as dry as granny’s elbows, then one deal a week (meaning an agency agreement, listing, buyer under contract or closing) is more than enough to suffice. 


Step 4 is all about social media. You know, the ‘Gram? Whether you’re a Facebook user, a Twitter Junky or an Instagram addict, these are all great avenues to use when reaching out to prospective customers. Because, let’s face it - there are literally MILLIONS of active users daily on Instagram alone. Odds are, at least one of them is in your area AND in need of your services - like, rn. Make sure you’re offering valuable information and using your social platform as a launch pad for your biz. Share monthly market updates, show new construction, reach out to Millennial renters and tell them about the INSANELY low interest rates and HOLY MOLY you can be a homeowner for LESS than your monthly rent! (say whaaaat?!) 


Millennials will be your largest buyer pool. They are the most savvy with their money, know how to do their research and are eager to enter the market sooner rather than later. Find opportunities to network with this generation by commenting on their posts, reaching out directly and posing questions to discover their interests so you can deliver content that will resonate with them. 


Seriously, if you aren’t active on social media, I’d highly encourage you to hop on board. This is an AMAZING networking tool and an absolute MUST-DO if you want to reach a wider audience and connect on a deeper, more personal level with people you’d never meet otherwise.


For those of you who are committed to making this last quarter count, dedicated to improving your biz both systematically and financially AND prepared to take your practices to the next-level of steady growth and consistent business, then these actionable steps WILL help you reach your adjusted target goals by the end of the year. There is one hitch though… You have to actually do the work. Much like a car doesn’t go if you don’t push the pedal, your business will never improve if you don’t put in a little elbow grease.


Afterall, your goals are only as important as you say they are. Make them a priority, my friend.






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